This site is devoted to the genealogy of the Yarmovsky family. Shmuel David Yarmovsky (1840-1930) and Hene Silverstein (1848-1941) had 14 children from 1866 to 1894: Eli (Hillel), Sara (Sorke), Esther, Meri, Libby (Liba), Marks (Mordechai), Rachel, Feigel, Morris (Moshe), Dina (Yenta), Berl, Dora (Devora), Hyman (Chaim), and Bertha (Brine). According to family stories, there were also two other children who died in childhood. Most of the children were employed as young adults as tailors or weavers. Special Thanks to Alliance DNA for providing us with DNA Tests and DNA analysis for our family history research.

The following picture is estimated to be from about 1898. It was taken in Bialystok and shows Hene, Hyman, Shmuel David and Berl.

The Yarmovsky family resided in at least three places in Europe: Porechany (also known as Paracany and Porzeczany, about 7 miles southwest of Lida), Belarus; Dyatlovo , (previously known as Zdzieciol and Zhetl), Belarus; and Bialystok , Poland. Most of the children emigrated from what was Russia at the time to England, the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia. By 1893, the family was located in Bialystok where their name was spelled as Jarmowska in Polish. The family lived at #1 Zytnia St., Bialystok, for many years.

This picture is estimated to be from about 1898.
Shown are Dora, Berl, Morris, Rachel, and Dina.

Eli (Hillel) Yarmovsky was born about 1866. He was married to Sophie (shown as Zifaie in the 1901 Census, possibly being Tziviah) Silverman and emigrated to England by 1897. See Photo .

Sara (Sorke or Sora Rivka) Yarmovsky was born about 1868. She married Aaron Davis (originally Aaron David Szturmak ) in Bialystok in 1898 and they later emigrated to England. The family later came to the U.S. See Photo .

Esther Yarmovsky was born about 1871. She emigrated to England where she remained single and lived in Leeds and Manchester. See Photo .

Mary (Meri) Yarmovsky was born about 1873. She emigrated to England where she married Lazarus Shaffner . Some of their children later emigrated to Canada.

Libby (Liba) Yarmovsky was born in Porechany (shown as Parechine in family records; Poreczna on a passport) in 1876. She married Shimen Ruben Mendelson . She emigrated to the U.S. sailing on the ship Tyrrhenia from Cherbourg, France arriving in NYC on 9/6/1923 from Bialystok, Poland enroute to her husband in NYC. See Photo .

Marks (Mordechai) Yarmovsky was born about 1878. He married Sara Itzkowitz . He emigrated to Manchester, England and then later to Australia where he made his fortune as a clothing manufacturer . See Photo .

Rachel Yarmovsky was born in 1880. She married Mordechai Sapiro and lived in Bialystok, Poland. She did not emigrate, but her children emigrated to Canada and the U.S. See Photo .

Feigel Yarmovsky was born in 1881 and died in 1900 in Bialystok.

Morris (Moishe) Yarmovsky was born in 4/18/1885 in Grodno (the name of the province where Porechany was located). He married Dora (known as Toby) Elfman . He emigrated from Manchester, England to the U.S. on the ship Campania sailing from Liverpool, England arriving in NYC on 1/9/1909 enroute to his cousin L. Itzkovitz in Brooklyn. See Photo .

Dina (Yenta) Yarmovsky was born in 1888. She married Meier Mines . She emigrated to the U.S from Bialystok with her husband on the ship Gothland from Danzig arriving in NYC on 1/17/1921 enroute to Dina's brother Morris at 3507 14th St. See Photo .

Berl Yarmovsky was born in 1889 in Porechany (shown as Porechino in Grodno in documents). He did not emigrate. See Photo .

Dora (Devora) Yarmovsky was born about December, 1889 in Zhetl (shown as Zetle in documents, now known as Dyatlovo). She emigrated to England where she left Manchester, England sailing on the ship Cedric from Liverpool on 12/24/1910 arriving in NYC on 1/1/1911. She was shown as a 21 years, 1 month old, single tailoress, having lived in England for one year with brother Marks Yarmovsky, 44 Penron St., Hightston, Manchester and was enroute to brother Morris, at 64 and 66 Canal St., NYC. In the U.S., Dora married Jack Donner . See Photo .

Hyman ( Chaim) Yarmovsky was born about 1893 in Bialystok (which was part of Russia at the time). Chaim Jarmowski arrived on the ship Main sailing from Bremen on 12/4/1913 to NYC arriving on 12/18/1913. He was a 20 year old single trader enroute to his brother Moses Jarmowski, 231 Eldridge St., NYC. He was leaving his father Dawid Jarmowski, Bialostok, Grodno Province, Russia. He was shown as being born in Grakowo Russia in the ship's passenger records (Grakowo is likely a misspelled Grodno). Hyman's Declaration of Intention to become a citizen was dated 3/22/1920 and showed him as a single tinsmith living at 3507 14th Ave. in Brooklyn. His birthplace was shown as Bialystok. He later moved to Canada and married Dora Fishbein . See Photo .

Bertha (Brine) Yarmovsky was born about 1894 in Bialystok. She emigrated to the U.S. about 1914 where she married Louis Zywotow . See Photo .

Plans are being made for a Yarmovsky Family History book which may be available by late 2024. This book would be bound and printed on acid-free paper. It would include all the information available on this site plus detailed family trees, photographs, maps, and copies of documents including naturalization papers, census records, ship passenger records, vital records, and more. If you have material to contribute or would like a copy when available (to be available at cost, probably $15), please contact Greg at greg@yarmovsky.info to reserve a copy.

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